Here we are, the 2 co-owners of this shop! We are as invested as each other in building this business. Marc is the brain, and Marie is the creative side. Together, we can do anything!


We also do this for them. To build a strong and lasting family business, and to travel with them. They do their part, and they love doing it!


Step 2

Each book is printed by my husband, who is also my business partner. He prints your orders 2 nights/week

Step 3

The covers are laminated by my husband with an industrial laminator.

Step 4

The borders on each book are cut by our employees.

Step 5

Each book is binded by one of our employees.

Step 6

Each book is put on the shipping table, and I associate them with the right label for shipment.

Step 7

Each book is carefully slipped in a plastic bag for preservation.

Step 8

The books are now ready to be mailed to our transporter, in a bubble mailer for protection.

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